RenderX Licensing


At the heart of each RenderX publishing solution is RenderX XEP Engine. XEP is built around the mature, high-quality formatting kernel developed by RenderX and which has passed many years of deployment in a wide range of environments. XEP is continually improved in the quality of formatting, standards' conformance, support for advanced features and in compliance to strict requirements to the formatted output of print-ready materials.

XEPWin is the Windows version of the XEP product. It has a .NET API and a Windows Service that wrappers the core Java engine, allowing you to program and interact with XEP through Windows applications and .NET programming.

XEP core product comes with support for output of PDF, PDF/X, PDF/A, PostScript and as well as XML output capabilities. Additional output modules are available as add-ons to the core product. These include PDF Forms, PDF RichMedia, AFP, Microsoft XPS, PPML, SVG and HTML formats.

Server Applications

Licensing for RenderX XEP/XEPWin server can either be by CPU and core for all environments, or by Virtual core for virtualized environments. Non-production licensing is also offered at 1/2 the price of production environments. Annual support and product maintenance is 20% of the license cost and is required with all new purchases.

Desktop Applications

Licensing for RenderX XEP/XEPWin desktop requires a single license for each installed machine. For larger implementations, these can be purchased also in packs of 10,20, 40 or 100.


Configurations of server(s) production and non-production require specific information for a proper quote. As an example, Tandesa offers a single core VM license of RenderX XEP server for $4610 plus 20% annual maintenance and support.


VisualXSL is RenderX's graphical-based application for designing XSL style sheets. With an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface, VisualXSL does all the hard work for you. Behind the scenes, it is creating an XSL style sheet for use with RenderX XEP/XEPWin server applications. It is an ideal product for both high-performance form-based print and dynamic, on-the-fly form overlay as well as flowing, personalized documents. VisualXSL can be used to create and deliver any of the 1000s of forms used in your business. VisualXSL comes bundled with XEPWin desktop for preview of content while you are designing the document layout and logic.


VisualXSL is sold by the designer seat @$1065/copy plus 20% annual support through Tandesa.

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Tandesa is an authorized distributor of all RenderX products. RenderX publishes their list price here , and we offer best-in-market discounts from these list prices. Contact us for a quote specific to your configuration.